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Memorable Desert Safari Trip With My Family In The Christmas Month

I am Daniel from Santa Clara, CA. A few months ago, I with my wife and two naughty kids planned a trip to Dubai as it is one of the most fascinating places in the world and one of my favorite destination.

One of my friend who works with me in the same office at Santa Clara provided me the contact details of Dubai safari trips who were providing 60% discount on a family package especially for the Christmas eve and new year with some added amenities like pick up and drop off”, “Free Refreshments”, “Traditional Arabic Costumes (For Photography)”

My children were a lot more excited than me as they had never seen desert before. It was a new experience for me as well. I stayed in a budget hotel with a handsome location. I was happier as my children and wife were much excited to visit this City.

After a long conversation about the safari trip in detail finally, we slept for the day as it was evening when we reached there. In the next early morning, a shining 4×4 SUV was standing in the parking area of the hotel. We hurried into it without wasting any time. As the journey started my son told me “You are the best dad ever and thanked me” hearing this I was very happy.

After half an hour we reached the deserts which looks like a silver-colored sheet which was spread all over and its end was not visible. After some time as we moved forward, the silver sheet turned into gold with the natural sunlight emerging on it. We were really traveling on the sand with good speed the SUV sometimes slips and ups and down created butterflies in the stomach. These made little scared but was really great fun especially for my children. Check Desert Safari Deals.

After the ups and down we were held at a place of “Sand Surfing”. Now, This is the thing which I personally like very much. I quickly jumped in the sandboard with all the gears and surf like a macho as I have a good experience of Sea Surfing. My wife gets very impressed with this.

Next, we held the “Quad Bikes”.  These four tire bikes are very much liked by my wife “Julia”. She grasped my elder son and started to explore the desert. Same, I too occupied one quad bike with my youngest son and started to chase them. It was great fun which we all 4 had on this Quad Bikes.

Lastly, my phobia ride was standing in front of me – “Camels”. They are nice but still, I don’t want to be friendly with them. This ride was completed by my wife and children and they were much happy in all these ups and down on camel hump. A tiring trip but an adventurous one was completed and finally, we returned to our native place.

The assistance, way of exploring things were great which safari trip provided to us. One great thing which I like about the assistance is that they offered a free city tour while dropping off which makes me surprised and feels special guest to them. They were really great and greeted us with great respect.

I am also planning my anniversary trip in the Luxury Private Yacht with their great service. They also provided a return surprise gifts for my children which were the “Traditional Arabic Dress” for both of them. They were very happy with these additional services of them.


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