Affordable Overnight Desert Safari Deals in Dubai

Dubai takes pride in its amazingly rich culture and architectural wonders. People from all ends of the globe make their way to this beautiful city with a keen interest in this incredible tradition and culture. But other than these things, Dubai is also known for its wide expanse of the desert. In fact, a lot of tourists who have been to Dubai even once can submit to the beauty and wonder of the desert.

We have a wide range of desert safari Dubai deals personalized for your special needs in your trip to Dubai and offering minimal overnight desert safari Dubai cost per person. We at Dubai Safari Trips offer travel plans and packages that can get you the best overnight desert safari UAE can ever offer. Our approach is to make your trip an unforgettable experience at the lowest possible prices.

Things to do in Overnight Desert Safari Dubai

We have seen how people want to know the desert closely and deeply and for that, we always recommend the luxury overnight desert safari Dubai. So what is all included in this overnight stay in the desert and how you should prepare for it, let’s have a look.

While you get to the private overnight desert safari camping in Dubai, you will be enjoying a number of activities :

  • To start with, our drivers will pick you up in a 4×4 drive from the beautiful city of Dubai. After an estimated 30 minutes of the drive, you will reach desert from where the adventure would have already begun with dune bashing.
  • After 20 to 30 minutes of driving in sand dunes, you will reach the destination where you can get started by enjoying the beautiful sunset.
  • You can then have camel rides to kick up the adventure a bit.
  • There will be a belly dance show for everyone opting for overnight desert safari.
  • You can enjoy bar services here amidst the desert.
  • Henna Tattoos and Paintings are among the main attractions from the venture.
  • You can enjoy shisha, Arabic coffee known as Gahwa, and fresh dates.
  • Tanura show and Fire show are famous treats from luxury overnight desert safari Dubai.
  • You will have access to unlimited tea, coffee, soft drinks, and mineral water
  • There will be Buffet Dinner and BBQ available and you can also call for a vegetarian dinner on request.
  • Overnight stay at the camp with sleeping bags and blankets available.
  • Breakfast including tea/coffee, bread, butter/jam, juices, and eggs available on the next day.
  • You can also opt for sand skiing and quad biking separately next morning at quite budget-friendly prices.

Travel Preparation for Overnight Desert Safari Camping Dubai

The overnight desert safari UAE is full of unforgettable experiences from singing and dancing with family and friends to romantic dinner in the desert Dubai. These luxury tours Dubai offers need some preparations beforehand and our professionals always ensure that you are ready with all necessary requirements.

Medicines: Desert area is dry beyond expectations all the time. However, it’s hot in day and cold at nights. While you decide to take your medications with you, make sure to take something for dryness if your skin stays dry normally.

Clothes: We recommend you to wear comfortable, not-so-tight clothes because activities like buggy driving or camel riding can be a mess while you are in a luxury desert safari Dubai. Avoid thick fabrics and wear smooth cotton for the best overnight desert safari experience.

Travel Essentials: Get a check on all your travel essentials such as Camera, diary pen, sturdy desert shoes, sunscreen lotions, sunglasses etc. These things will be used the most while being on the overnight or any other VIP desert safari Dubai.

Other Safety gears: To add some other safety gears, you can get some mosquito repellents, hot bags, travel billows, eye-masks, etc. for added safety.

That’s it. After you are prepared for an exciting experience, give us a call and get the best luxury overnight desert safari Dubai. Whether you want a romantic dinner in the desert Dubai or you want a private desert safari Dubai, we have affordable and cheapest Dubai desert safari deals for everyone. You can always get in touch to inquire about the overnight desert safari Dubai cost per person or a full package.

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